2023 Year in Review

Message from the CEO

As the year gracefully bows out, I reflect back on our incredible journey and express my gratitude for your unwavering support, which has been pivotal in our success at TVS Next.

I sincerely appreciate the trust and partnership you have bestowed upon us, and I look forward to our continued progress. Wishing you and your team a prosperous New Year filled with joy and success!

- Vinod Krishnan, CEO & MD.

In a year brimming with excitement, here are the highlights that defined our journey
and shaped memorable moments.

New @Next

Realigned our strategy to meet customer needs and aspirations in facilitating enterprise transformations. Key highlights include:
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Enterprise Transformation Services to enable our customers leverage digital consulting (strategy, research, service design, product management) to reimagine their future in creating positive impact.

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Intelligent Applications is the latest addition to our portfolio to enable our customers harness the power of AI to create unique value and exceptional productivity (People, Customers, and Ops-Co-pilots)

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Intelligent Quality Engineering includes processes, artifacts, estimation templates, and test case generators, helping customers leverage AI to drive quality outputs.

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NexIA a self-service multi-persona No-Code Data-centric AI platform that helps customers build data and ML applications in hours to accelerate real-time data-driven decisions and boost growth

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Microsoft Solutions Partner: Achieved cloud solutions partner status for Data and AI and are on track for Digital Apps and Innovation, which propels us to be a partner of choice for our customers and scale enterprise capabilities.


Customers leveraged our labs to adopt new-generation technologies in order to achieve speed-to-value by co-creating with our cross-functional experts across business, design, and technology. Key releases from our labs include:
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Nexus3.0: People experience platform with reimagined user experience, chatbot, and enhanced features for workday, onboarding, and progressive paths.

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Intelligent Test Case Generator: Powered by Generative AI to craft comprehensive test cases with privacy

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Munchmate: AI-powered augmented assistant that transforms dining with personalized suggestions for unique tastes, dietary preferences, and health goals.


NexIDEA v1.0, induced with experiential design thinking, behavioral science, and lean principles was built to help our customers envision and drive transformational outcomes that elevate human experiences to shape a better future.

Major endeavors in driving Enterprise Transformation involved:
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CX Re-Imagination

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Process Transformation

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Employee/Culture Elevation

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Business Model Transformation


Platform for Nexians to exhibit and explore experimentation, creativity and solving complex problems. We had interesting use cases and problems flowing in from the practices and the customers.

Nexathon – Season 1, 2, 3

Some of the innovative ideas realized were:
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Nexus Mobile Application

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Early Disease Prediction

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Customer Service Co-Pilot

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Speech Evaluation

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Course Marketplace


Continuous learning culture and upskilling for the future have been at the core of what we do. Key highlights include:

10,000+ hours
of learning across the practices


29 Certificates


Nexversity graduate program




Nexcares embodies our people-centric culture, supporting innovative projects aligned with our CSR goals.

We’re delighted to collaborate with the Arvind Foundation and Cancer Research and Relief Trust in our efforts in giving back to the society.

Other Events

We engaged in numerous industry-related events this year and eagerly anticipate more opportunities in the coming year.
Chennai Runs Marathon 2023
Inauguration of our Guindy, Chennai Office
NASSCOM Fintech Day
FinTech Festival India
Zinnov Confluence 2023
GEN AI Event – Databrick

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