Digital Consulting

Have a deep understanding of customer aspirations
and craft experiences that re-define
what’s possible.

Digital Consulting

Have a deep understanding of customer aspirations and craft experiences that re-define what’s possible.

As companies pursue growth and resilience in ever-evolving market environments, they must be more adaptable than ever. A deep understanding of the business context, combined with emerging trends and industry disruptions, will help you spot the right opportunities, uncover untapped potential, and accelerate value to create a sustainable future.

Making smart, forward-thinking decisions can be challenging when there’s abundant information with no effective ways to derive meaningful insights to help navigate complexity, uncertainty, and risk. A well-defined strategy and the roadmap to bring it to life is a winning formula that will enable your team to align with future aspirations and realize outcomes consistently.

At TVS Next, we co-create innovation and growth strategies along with the organizations to help them shape and prioritize transformational outcomes. From business units that are actively seeking to explore untapped market opportunities to product teams looking to redefine and innovate new business models or organizations facing immense pressure to strategize and chart a new course for future growth and sustainability– our expertise can help you solve your biggest challenges and carve out a distinct path ahead.

Digital Strategy

Bringing together cross-functional capabilities to drive end-to-end digital business transformation

  • Business Value Proposition
  • User Personas & Journey Maps
  • Service / Transformation Blue Print
  • Plan & Cost Associations with Design & Implementation


Help shape a better future for customers by having a deep understanding of who they are, what they need, and where their pinpoints and priorities are.

  • Customer Research and Insights
  • Quantitative & Ethnographic Research
  • User Personas and Journey Maps
  • Usability Testing

Service Design

Drive better value and measurable outcomes for the users and the business by enabling coherent experiences across all touchpoints and platforms.

  • Service Blueprinting
  • Experience Design
  • Systems Design
  • Rapid Prototyping

User Experience

User experience (UX) focuses on creating satisfying and intuitive user interactions. It involves understanding user needs, designing intuitive interfaces, and continuously improving based on user feedback.

  • Usability Testing
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design

Design Ops

Streamlining design workflows, DesignOps fosters collaboration and efficiency. It enables faster delivery of high-quality designs, leveraging design as a strategic asset for success.

  • Workflow Management
  • Research and Insights
  • Measurement and Analytics
  • Tooling and Infrastructure

Product Management

Navigating the business landscape, product management spearheads strategic planning, development, and successful delivery of products. It involves market research, prioritizing features, and fostering collaboration across teams to create valuable solutions.

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Testing
  • Product Launch and optimization
  • Agile Development

Our approach to drive
transformational outcomes

In driving transformational outcomes for our customers, we noticed successful organizations stay focused on unlocking value for impact, either incremental or disruptive.

As we co-create with you on your transformational journeys, we have refined and evolved the process into a connected framework to help you connect with what’s new. Through this, we will enable you to leverage connected mindsets, practices, and technology to unlock value that elevates human experiences to shape a better future.


Inspire phase helps you envision the future state of your business, align stakeholders, and define a strategy for achieving innovation and growth.


Research and assess for untapped potential and derive deep insights into customers, competition, and processes to develop roadmap and prioritize opportunities for rapid revenue-driving transformations.


Build trust and alignment across the organization for your transformation roadmap through visual designs, interactive prototypes,  and re-imagined experiences.


Move your organization from design to execution through prioritized journeys, transformation backlog, and shaping-up for realization.

Consultant Spotlight

Meet Brinda Sereno
VP, Digital Consulting
Experienced consultant with 20+ years in engineering, consulting, and design. Plays a key role in integrating human-centric design and design-led thinking into every project, customizing solutions for a seamless and delightful user journey.
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