How to leverage automation for business success

Ranganathan Rajkumar

Organizations very well know the importance of taking the right action at the right time. Be it recruiting a right candidate, or converting a lead into a customer, multiple right actions performed by multiple people combine together to drive the organization’s success. So, what drives these actions? A number of factors such as the available data, experiences and skills of the people involved, their cognitive bias, and also the time required versus the time available to perform the action.

What if the negatives of individual decision making could be removed altogether, and only the positive aspects are harnessed to perform the right actions at the right time? That’s what automation is all about.

For different parts of your organizational engine

Everything happening in an organization can be automated to a certain level. How do you know if something can be automated? Any function that requires a certain process to be followed can be automated. Here are some automation examples:

Human Resources

The HR department is a very valuable asset to every company, for they bring in every employee and make sure everyone is paid on time. Some of the automation possibilities in the HR department include:

  • Sourcing the right talent meeting the company’s needs
  • Onboarding and offboarding automation
  • Automating time logging, leave requests and payroll processing
  • Defining the KPIs and letting bots find out the top performing employees


Accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash-flow management, maintaining balance sheets, invoice generation are some of the many automation possibilities within the finance department. Automating finance operations has the added benefit of ensuring accuracy and preventing human errors.

Sales & Operations

Salespersons can leverage automation to schedule appointments, send emails, resources and reminders. AI based chatbots on websites are available 24/7, expanding a company’s horizons across countries and beyond time-zones.

Tech Support

Anybody in IT would know that most of the support tickets are pretty repetitive: Access request, license request, password reset request, or asset request. By automating such service desk tickets, the workforce engaged to provide tech support on shift-basis could be deployed into more valuable projects.


Marketing automation entails automated campaigns, dynamic content that changes based customer persona, contact segmentation for better targeting, and research and development. In all, marketing automation saves money by knowing where to spend it, without the hassle of hundreds of hours of research into targeting.

When every business function is automated, not only does it save time and money for the organization, it also frees up skilled workforce to engage in more valuable work that requires human intelligence. Automating repetitive tasks also ensures process compliance. Futuristic businesses have begun delegating work to bots and automation.

Interested in how automation will fit into your business case ?


Ranganathan Rajkumar

VP - Data & Analytics

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