A Global Leader in Support and Security Solutions Scales at a Rapid Velocity

A Global Leader in Support and Security Solutions Scales at a Rapid Velocity

At a glance
This enterprise provides tech support solutions and security software to the North American market, operating remotely. They partnered with TVS Next to modernize their systems and achieve rapid growth potential.


Cloud Infrastructure and Services Setup | Cloud Cost Optimization | CI/CD | QA Strategy | Automated Code Review | DevOps


Legacy Data Modernization | ETL Automation Self-Serving Reports | Databricks Datalake | Cloud Data Warehouse | Batch Processing | Real-Time Processing


User Experience | DesignOps | Experience & Design Re-imagination | UI Modernization


The company is a global enterprise offering multiple support and security solutions. Security software is one of their key product, protecting systems from malware, spyware, adware, trojans, ransomware, and other threats. The software was built on an older version of Visual Studio but never upgraded to newer technology.

Customer attrition for this software was high due to its outdated user interface and slower release cycles for new features. It was challenging to build new features as the necessary tools were obsolete, and only a few trained professionals had knowledge of them. The lack of documentation further hindered maintenance efforts, while slow database performance caused frequent crashes and business disruptions. Upgrading this software proved challenging, inefficient, and time-consuming.

TVS Next partnered with the company to address legacy technology roadblocks. The partnership aimed to accelerate growth through modernization.

Transformation Journey

The company’s leaders participated in rapid assessment workshops conducted by TVS Next to identify the limitations of the software. The tech stack was evaluated to gain insight into the application’s structure and capabilities.

Our recommendation was to completely overhaul existing systems to leverage the benefits of the latest technology. A roadmap for enterprise modernization with four separate tracks—app modernization, experience modernization, data modernization, and test automation, was developed as part of this strategy.

The legacy C++ product was modernized by lifting and shifting the on-premise build tools to the AWS cloud. Processes were automated to quickly build, deploy, and test new scripts on security software with reduced manual intervention. The company’s data infrastructure was also modernized, and data warehouse workloads were migrated to the cloud.

Centralized control was established for building various software brands with custom role-based access configured for developers, builders, and runners. Automated email alerts were set up for Jenkins, and a retention policy was implemented for all build artifacts. The time to set up or configure Jenkins in a new instance was reduced by implementing a backup of the associated jobs. Existing C++ code was made compatible with Jenkins through minimal code change, enhancing the ongoing development and maintenance processes.

We re-imagined existing customer journeys and redesigned a modern user experience as part of UI/UX modernization. Test cases were updated to include these upgrades without affecting release cycles. An exclusive testing center of excellence was established, and the test setup was automated. TVS Next continues to have an ongoing relationship with the company, taking on additional assignments such as data visualization, DevOps implementation, support, and maintenance projects.

Business Outcomes
TVS Next provided a reliable digital transformation partnership to the tech support company and ensured that the assured outcomes were delivered. This partnership enabled the company to achieve its business KPIs with agile, futuristic solutions.

336 hours to 10 hours

Reduced overall test timing

Elimination of dependency

By shifting build tools to cloud infrastructure

Only 4 hours

Turnaround time using parallel execution

2X Improvement

In database performance

10X Cost reduction

Through dedicated cloud infrastructure cost optimization

77% Faster

Automated test setup capabilities

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