Global Ecommerce Giant: Enterprise Modernization Accelerates Growth and Revenue

Prominent Healthcare Provider: Harnessing Modernization to Enhance Care Delivery

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This Global ecommerce company wanted to increase their sales and reach new markets. They partnered with TVS Next to identify and eliminate technology gaps, improve customer experience and accelerate growth.


DevOps Implementation, App Modernization & QA Automation


Data Modernization, Offer Personalization & Advanced Analytics


Digital Experience Design and Consulting



The main business objective of any ecommerce company is to increase sales and, effectively, its revenue. When this ecommerce giant didn’t meet their goals, they looked into the underlying reasons.

They identified that the outdated architecture created severe performance issues such as slow page load and frequent application crashes. Such poor customer experience led to high cart abandonment rates and low conversions. The company’s physical and digital touchpoints were not integrated, resulting in many missed opportunities.

They lacked the capabilities to assess customer satisfaction levels and missed the feedback loop to improve their services. Due to fragmented data and limited data analytics, the business heads could not leverage customer insights to increase customer acquisition and retention. Their application was also not secure, and they were constantly under the threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

The ecommerce giant partnered with TVS Next to eliminate these roadblocks and accelerate their growth.

Transformation Journey

TVS Next conducted accelerated discovery workshops with the C-suite and understood their goals and pain points. We evaluated their tech stack and understood the application’s capabilities and shortcomings.

After assessment and consulting, TVS Next developed a strategy to strengthen the application and infrastructure core through engineering, introduce advanced automation, data analytics, and AI capabilities through intelligence, and connect all channels and journeys through hyper-personalized experiences.

First, we rearchitected and rebuilt the company’s ecommerce application to eliminate performance issues. We did new development through DevOps and set up automated testing to accelerate release cycles. We modernized and migrated the data to a modern data platform and added near real-time reporting dashboards to review the analytics and performance. We hosted the application and its database onto a secure cloud server and installed multiple firewalls and authentications to prevent cyber security attacks.

TVS Next set up an ecommerce security solution to validate orders and prevent identity theft. We then identified the critical user screens responsible for customer engagement & acquisition and created different user personas and desired user journeys within the applications. We ensured superior user experience and seamless flow across different touchpoints for stakeholders, employees, and customers. We also enabled automation for repetitive tasks and increased productivity.

Business Outcomes

As an agile, reliable, and futuristic ecommerce modernization partner, TVS Next delivered assured outcomes and helped the ecommerce company achieve their business KPIs.

Increased Acquisition and Retention

Seamless user journeys increased conversions, customer loyalty, and company revenue.

Perpetual Experience Improvement

Customer feedback and behavioral insights continually improve customer experience support

Brand Name Protection

Advanced cyber security solutions prevent attacks and breaches

Faster Time to Market

Technological flexibility and agility helped to be first to market with offers and products

Hyper Personalized Targeting

Advanced data analytics enable hyper-personalized targeting through multiple touchpoints

Improved Work Culture

Automation for repetitive tasks reduced employee workload and paved the way for a happier workforce

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