Using Accelerated Assurance to Build Future-Proof Applications

Vijay Nirmal Jeromias

The consistent building and updating (or rebuilding) of applications is the beginning of the proof that accelerated assurance is necessary for companies to build future-proof applications. There’s no denying that enterprise applications are complex and sometimes challenging to manage.

Even the most straightforward task can involve various systems and applications. A simple process can use many technologies that require end-to-end testing, and this intense testing needs automation and an incredibly detailed and strategic approach.

Let’s talk a bit more about accelerated assurance and how you can begin to build accelerated assurance for your applications through test automation.

What is Accelerated Assurance?

Every enterprise has an end goal of achieving and maintaining the quality of its applications. It’s impossible to remain relevant, enhance the customer journey, or stay in line with (or ahead of) the competition without automating the quality assurance process.

Teams developed accelerated assurance to preserve application quality while leveraging test automation, tooling, technical testing, and performance engineering. As the tech industry turns toward transforming digitally with zero signs of looking back, business leaders must understand that the days of manually testing applications from front to back are over.

Accelerated assurance provides application quality through automating tasks, freeing your employees to focus more on other company aspects, and providing an accurate result that lacks human error. Tech companies on a global scale are pivoting toward automation, as it’s become the cornerstone for many operational components of a technology business today.

Accelerated assurance teams extend far beyond writing a few scripts to run necessary tests. Instead, they’ll rely on strategy to successfully automate thorough testing throughout the company or enterprise application stack.

If you’re lost, stick with us. We’ll take a moment now to show you how to automate under accelerated assurance.

Automation and Accelerated Assurance

Companies have been automating their quality assurance departments for the better part of a decade, even longer for some. Automating your assurance department does not mean ridding your team of humans, and it’s long been proven that we need human beings to contact customers just as much as we need machines to pick up the slack.

Instead, automating accelerated assurance means ensuring that your team doesn’t waste precious time on daily, tedious tasks. Also, automating our application testing, data and analytics can provide us with more details regarding customer experience, the quality of their interactions with our applications, and what they expect from future exchanges. Test automation helps us gather as much information as possible to keep applications running steadily and the consumer journey seamless.

Understanding Test Automation

Test automation for enterprises is driven toward the quality of company-run applications and what they mean for the business. Test automation takes a top-to-bottom approach regarding setting up pipelines and processes that establish compliance with organizational standards.

Most organizations embrace test automation simply because manual testing is impossible regarding scale and time, and testing based on samples doesn’t provide enough information. Here are a few types of testing that we emphasize when we discuss test automation.


Building Accelerated Assurance Strategy

Now that you understand why automating accelerated assurance is necessary for overall application quality and best business practices, and we’ve touched on the different types of tests that applications and systems need, let’s talk about how to build your automated and accelerated assurance strategy.

Client, API, and Web Test Automation

Building strong and resilient web applications that work across all browsers, devices, operating systems, and screen sizes, online and offline, is incredibly challenging. This development process requires a strategic approach to quality assurance for the entire duration of the methodology.

If you want the perfect application, you’ve got to keep an eye on assurance throughout its entire lifecycle. There are no days off when it comes to accelerated assurance or quality assurance, which is why automation is so important. You must cover the following to keep your application steady, working, and reliable.


Additional Strategic Components

As we’ve mentioned, every accelerated assurance strategy will look different from company to company. Every enterprise requires something different, but in addition to the most critical strategic components (API, client, and web test automation), business leaders should also consider:

Safeguard Your Applications with Accelerated Assurance

Employing automated testing for the lifecycle of your applications and systems is necessary for applications that will stand the test of time. You can literally future-proof your applications (avoiding restructures and rebuilds) simply by automating the processes that will ensure you have access to their performance and making improvements when required.


Vijay Nirmal Jeromias

Assurance Architect - Engineering

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