Enabling Data Driven Decision-making for a Leading Financial Enterprise

Enabling Data Driven Decision-making for a Global Ecommerce Company

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When this leading financial enterprise struggled to scale due to poor data storage, management and analytics, TVS Next partnered with them to rebuild their data landscape, set up advanced analytics, and helped them grow 400%.


Data Pipeline, Data Orchestration, Enterprise Data Lake, Cloud Data Warehouse, Self-Serving Reports, Data Governance and Management, RPA, Batch Processing

Financial Services

The data landscape of this prominent financial enterprise was on-premise, siloed, and deficient in good data governance and management. They did not have a data pipeline/ETL to onboard new systems and missed out on many functionalities required to advance the business. Multiple business units required batch and real-time data analysis on different systems and in various formats. But their existing data warehouse was unable to support these requests.

Their analytics team used Excel for basic reporting and analytics. When the business units requested reports, they had to wait between a few weeks and months. These long wait times and the inability to self-serve reports affected timely decision-making. The lender was wasting many upselling and cross-selling opportunities due to these issues.

The financial enterprise partnered with TVS Next to execute a rapid digital transformation to expedite its growth.


TVS Next’s Intelligence advisory team put together a team of cloud architects and technology experts and conducted extensive accelerated discovery workshops with the C-Suite. We determined their objectives, as-is system state, technology drivers, business goals, and transformation scope.

We leveraged our Cloud Data and Analytics Platform Modernization (CDAPM) framework to create a comprehensive migration and modernization roadmap. We swiftly executed a proof of concept (POC) on the recommended target state architecture in Azure platform. Through this, we demonstrated that the target platform addressed the client’s key business KPIs.

Transformation Journey

The POC validated TVS Next’s agility, expertise, and understanding of the enterprise’s needs. Their leaders agreed to a shared long-term vision. This facilitated change management and empowered the business units to embark confidently on their cloud-first journey. We began migration and modernization with a unanimous yes from the enterprise’s board.

Our team brought together data in various forms from ten different departments and multiple external sources onto a single cloud data warehouse. We set up automated data pipelines and ensured end-to-end functionality through automated testing.

We changed the reporting module from an excel-based one to a real-time visualization on Tableau and implemented hyper-automation through all the business processes using Automation Anywhere. By enabling batch processing, automated monitoring and alerting, and self-service reporting, we have ensured that the business units are self-sufficient and can swiftly take action without any dependencies.

The TVS Next team also defined data standards and policies to ensure good data governance and management. We have an ongoing relationship with the enterprise, providing infrastructure management and technical support.
Business Outcomes

As a result of TVS Next’s partnership in modernizing data, the financial enterprise received the following benefits:

400% Growth

Modernization pivoted the enterprise to accelerate their growth

0 Wait-Time

Business users now self-serve their reporting requirements

75% Improvement

In data access and retrieval speeds

85% Reduction

In the time required to produce reports

100% Data Availability

Resulted in accurate analytics to make business decisions

5X Productivity

Due to automation cutting down repetitive tasks
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