Healthcare Provider: Data Modernization Streamlines Business and Increases Revenue

Healthcare Provider: Data Modernization Streamlines Business and Increases Revenue

At a glance
This leading North American healthcare provider’s services include education, prevention, early intervention, comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation, and wellness maintenance. TVS Next partnered with them to modernize and streamline data storage and analytics.


Data Pipeline, Data Orchestration, Enterprise Data Lake, Cloud Data Warehouse, Self-Serving Reports, Data Governance and Management, Batch Processing, BI Modernization


The healthcare provider constantly collects, stores, and processes medical data of various sizes and types from different departments.
Their legacy database was heavily siloed, poorly structured, and poorly documented. This led to several data issues, such as poor quality, inconsistency, fragmentation, duplication, and unavailability. These issues impacted the provider’s ability to access patients’ records and created a poor patient experience.

Since their database has limited functionalities, the healthcare provider relied on multiple third-party integrations to facilitate information exchange. When the business leaders wanted information to make critical business decisions, their data science team couldn’t produce reliable reports within the required time.

They partnered with TVS Next to overcome data issues and accelerate growth.


TVS Next put together a cross-functional team of experts and conducted Accelerated Discovery Workshops with the healthcare provider’s C-suite. We understood the stakeholders’ vision and collected as-is state system performance.

Their data stack consisted of SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Alteryx, and Tableau. After mapping their business KPIs to the technology requirements, we chose Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Storage, Big Query, and Looker for the healthcare provider’s new data lake, data processing, and BI systems.

Our team devised a detailed strategy to migrate and modernize the provider’s data warehouse and build a BI platform Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Transformation Journey

We started the healthcare provider’s transformation journey by assigning DB experts to develop, maintain, and support their current systems while we worked on building new systems. Then we documented their existing databases, architecture, objects, processes, tools, security roles, accounts, and permissions.

We implemented different modernization approaches for various processes and selected tools to introduce and deprecate based on the need. We prioritized the datasets, identified dependencies, and completed the migration within the set timelines. Once we migrated all the data onto the modern data platform, we were able to establish a single source of truth for all of the provider’s data.

We then set up advanced analytics and enabled superior business intelligence capabilities to analyze all the data and generate dynamic automated reports based on business needs. After modernization, we validated that the outcomes met the initial expectations and ensured smooth change management for all the users and stakeholders.

Business Outcomes

80% Reduction

In computing costs

360-Degree View

Of entire operations

35% Reduction

In report generation time

Improved Revenue

Through data-enabled decision making

30% Reduction

In analytics implementation time

New Business Model

By leveraging self-serving reports

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