How a food delivery giant skyrocketed their app ratings

How a food delivery giant skyrocketed their app ratings

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When this New York-based food delivery giant wanted to scale up their business, TVS Next partnered with them to bridge the QA gaps in their application, helped their driver app team scale 5X, and put them on the path to achieving a 4+ rating in app stores.


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This prominent lender’s legacy food delivery application is the base for the entire business, but it had poor ratings on the app store due to the application quality. Even a tiny new addition to the existing application resulted in multiple bugs and crash reports. The entire development team found it challenging to introduce enhancements to improve ratings.

Their app testing was limited and not suitable for an agile release process. The lack of QA processes diminished the development team’s ability to stick to continuous goal-oriented release engineering


TVS Next’s agility, QA expertise, and quality-focused QA processes were precisely what the company needed.

The TVS Next team conducted accelerated discovery workshops with the company’s engineering heads and dev leads to determine their QA objectives, business KPIs and processes used in the development and testing teams. After carefully analyzing processes and understanding the pain points, we created a comprehensive testing strategy spanning different test techniques to solve their problems.

We strategized a roadmap for a complete QA automation process with separate vertical tracks focusing on Driver Operations, Driver Engagement, and Driver Core. Every process within the application was accounted for and mapped into journeys for different channels. We created a list of testing types that best suited the app. We ensured that the new strategy would make the company’s application on par with the key competitors in the market and improve app store ratings.

Transformation Journey

Before implementing the new test strategy, we conducted an initial feasibility analysis to verify whether the application build was helpful for further testing activities. This testing was pivotal in identifying stability issues that might disrupt the app’s quality and purpose. This helped the dev team to control the number of dot releases/hotfixes.

We made the QA process more manageable and transparent by implementing agile testing practices in DevOps. We ensured that all our testing processes were light and nimble to help the dev team get help from QA as and when needed. We ensured appropriate QA strategies were implemented to curb defects even in the initial stage.

We performed different types of testing, such as migration and API testing, to mimic the real production environment in different market regions using backend tools such as DOC tool and TOCO dashboard. We changed the reporting module per the dev teams’ current communication practice over slack channels to merge our QA processes with existing driver teams, such as marketing and product teams.

We collected reviews from app stores such as Apple Appstore and Google Playstore and third-party review portals like Reddit and Sitejabber to bring out test scenarios experienced by real-time users. We also implemented a testing activity of collecting end-user feedback to make the dev team aware of the enhancements needed to excel in this heavily competitive driver app market. Our team also ensured legal compliance by testing related requirements and continued providing QA support and management for the app’s QA processes.
Business Outcomes

The new QA automation process introduced by TVS Next helped engineering heads, dev leads, and product and marketing teams realize that their work was getting positive end-user feedback and critical stability issues were addressed in the new release.

As the new QA automation process was implemented, they saw marked improvement in app store ratings. Engineering heads and development leads are now better equipped to make decisions about hotfixes.


Increase in taking up new requirements


Increase in testing team’s productivity


Increase in release rollout speed

4.5+ App Rating

Improved user experience increased app store ratings

3 weeks to 5 days

Acceleration in new feature testing

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