Tech Giant Reimagines Employee Experience With a Super app

Tech Giant Reimagines Employee Experience With a Super app

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This business is a leader in the software engineering space, and it operates across two continents. TVS Next worked with them to eliminate siloed applications and developed a super app that was an all-in-one employee experience platform. The business streamlined its processes, improved employee morale, and increased retention.


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This leading software services organization used multiple third-party tools to maintain projects, manage resources, conduct performance reviews, and track attendance. The company lacked a single source of truth for all data.

Every day, the employees had to log in to various systems for different purposes and sometimes had to enter the exact details again. Working on these siloed applications ate up employees’ productivity and eventually affected the company’s bottom line.

Since the managers and administrative staff also had to navigate numerous applications, important requests got overlooked. This caused delays and bad experiences for everyone involved. Some jobs were still performed manually, flooding administration with paperwork.

The company strongly believed that superior employee experience was vital to ensure a great customer experience. Therefore, they partnered with TVS Next to eliminate the roadblocks due to siloed third-party applications and decided to build a super app to enhance employee experience.

Transformation Journey

We conducted accelerated discovery workshops with all the stakeholders to understand their requirements for the new platform. We evaluated the functionalities and bottlenecks of the siloed applications they were using at the time.

After assessment and consulting, we created a 3-phase roadmap to build the new super app for employee experience.

As the first milestone, we developed a modern platform incorporating key functionalities from different applications. In the second phase, we created components like customer onboarding, project management, attendance tracking, leave management, timesheet management, performance review management, and other approval workflows. We then integrated all these components into a single functional application.

In the final phase, we focused on enhancing user experience and improving application security. Our team built automated notifications and customized visualization services. We leveraged microservice pattern with API gateways to implement secure transactions within the platform.
Business Outcomes

As an agile, reliable, and futuristic digital transformation partner, TVS Next delivered assured outcomes and helped the organization achieve their business KPIs.

50% Higher productivity 

by eliminating the need for multiple platforms

Single source of truth

for all data through a centralized database

65% Reduction 

in time taken to approve new requests

80% Elimination

of jobs requiring manual data population

Improved experience and retention

through easy to use platform that required no training

Better visibility and accessibility

through custom-built dashboards for users

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