Accelerated Assurance:

Leveraging Automation To Guarantee Time, Quality And Cost

The ultimate guide to building a software quality assurance program that guarantees customer satisfaction

Regardless of who you are or what kind of software you build, your clients and end-users wish for the same: A powerful application that delivers unmatched performance, security, availability, and intelligence. It also goes unsaid that clients want faster time-to-market and high quality. If you compromise on quality assurance to deliver an application on time or deliver on time but give a faulty application, somebody else will be racing ahead of you, ticking all the boxes you missed and taking your clients with them. 

While customer satisfaction is a complex benchmark to achieve in the current market, it is necessary. Customers have more knowledge than ever, and a lack of quality assurance can quickly cause a drop in customers and, consecutively, your revenue.

Such evolving user expectations have rendered traditional quality assurance practices obsolete, mandating that software quality assurance cannot just be an afterthought or a process performed at the end before handover. The need of the hour is an accelerated software quality assurance strategy where quality is the focal point from the get-go.

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The process of leveraging a wide range of technologies, applications, and processes to design a comprehensive end-to-end testing framework is called accelerated assurance.

This whitepaper explores TVS Next’s ingenious framework of Accelerated Assurance and explains in detail how you can build your enterprise assurance strategy with zero-touch automation to deliver high-quality applications on time and stay ahead of your competition.

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In this whitepaper, you will learn:

Why the traditional QA practices just don’t cut it

What is Accelerated Assurance

How you can build a successful accelerated assurance practice at your organization

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