Application Modernization

Leverage the best of innovative technology, people and
delivery approaches to help you reimagine, build
and optimize your future.

Application Modernization

Leverage the best of innovative technology, people and
delivery approaches to help you reimagine, build
and optimize your future.

Legacy core is a bottleneck that slows down your innovation. But businesses frequently encounter challenges with modernization due to its high expenses, lengthy execution time, need for hard-to-find specialized skills, and the
necessity of a well-defined strategic plan.

Revitalize your digital ecosystem with TVS Next’s Application Modernization. Transform your applications to align with modern standards and best practices. Foster innovation and drive competitive advantage by elevating security, agility
and scalability of your application core.

Drive Accelerated Business Growth

TVS Next Can Help

Unlock untapped potential

Assess your applications, discover user journeys and prioritize business opportunities with high impact.

Align user experience with modernization goals

Co-create solution and outline a roadmap to align outcomes with objectives. Build user-centric UIs with enhanced usability, reliability and accessibility.

Containerize monoliths

Wrap the application into a container image and rewrite portions of your applications for optimized performance.

Expose and integrate using APIs

Expose existing applications as APIs to reuse for building new capabilities. Build new APIs to integrate future applications into the ecosystem.

Refactor and add new microservices

Restructure existing applications into smaller & deployable components and create new microservices to manage scale, innovation and complexity.

Deliver business assurance

Deliver authentic, real-world feedback on the quality of the digital experiences through continuous testing and deployment to drive confidence in every release.

Modernization Approaches

The process of modernizing an organization can be a complicated journey, but with TVS Next, it can be made simpler and more efficient. We help businesses containerize their workloads, develop cloud-native applications using microservices, and take advantage of continuous integration/delivery (CI/CD) capabilities. During this journey, it is essential to identify which applications are best suited for containerization through redesigning, refactoring, or rebuilding.

Transform Your Applications

Redesigning entails taking an application and putting it in a container running the same environment.

Rebuilding requires less effort than redesigning an application, and it offers many benefits for small agile development, microservices, and multi-cloud environments.

Refactoring takes a monolithic application and breaks it down into microservices to be rebuilt as a cloud-native application.


Aligned Outcomes:

Ensure that the results of modernization efforts directly correlate with the organization's overarching goals.

Differentiated Experiences at Scale:

Provide personalized, unique experiences to a large customer base, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.

Enhanced Security:

Integrate advanced security measures, protect sensitive data and significantly reduce the risk of cyber threats.

Faster Time-to-Market:

Expedite development and deployment cycles, enabling faster delivery of new features and updates to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Improved Reliability:

Enhance the stability and reliability of software systems, minimize downtime, and boost overall performance and user experience.

Our approach to drive
transformational outcomes

In driving transformational outcomes for our customers, we noticed successful organizations stay focused on unlocking value for impact, either incremental or disruptive.

As we co-create with you on your transformational journeys, we have refined and evolved the process into a connected framework to help you connect with what’s new. Through this, we will enable you to leverage connected mindsets, practices, and technology to unlock value that elevates human experiences to shape a better future.


Inspire phase helps you envision the future state of your business, align stakeholders, and define a strategy for achieving innovation and growth.


Research and assess for untapped potential and derive deep insights into customers, competition, and processes to develop roadmap and prioritize opportunities for rapid revenue-driving transformations.


Build trust and alignment across the organization for your transformation roadmap through visual designs, interactive prototypes,  and re-imagined experiences.


Move your organization from design to execution through prioritized journeys, transformation backlog, and shaping-up for realization.

Find Your Best Path to a Modernized Future

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