Data Modernization

Propel your digital business growth using a modern data
foundation and a holistic data strategy.

Data is at the heart of every application across the enterprise. To unlock the full benefits of your enterprise transformation and modernization, you need modern data systems and more flexible data architecture.

A modern data architecture on the cloud empowers organizations create transformative and advanced data products that leverage full potential of Data & AI, and play a pivotal role in driving intelligent business decisions.

We harness our data frameworks, intellectual property, and cutting-edge solutions, in collaboration with hyperscalers and data technology providers, to empower your business with advanced AI capabilities.

Decoding Data Modernization - Key Insights

Transform your Data Modernization Journey with TVS Next

Design and implement modern data architectures for increased reliability, availability and performance. We help you modernize old, expensive analytics platforms to faster, scalable, open source and cloud-ready options with increased capability to operationalize data science, ML and AI models.

Data Assessment

Scrutinize and interpret data to extract valuable insights.

Data & AI Assessment

Assessing data and AI capabilities, we ensure your infrastructure supports advanced initiatives.

Modern Data Architecture

Design and implement scalable data architecture and ETL processes for high-quality organizational data benefits.

Data Governance

Enforce data governance, ownership, integrity, and privacy technologies for GDPR and CCPA compliance.

Prototype & MVPs

Craft prototypes, employ agile methods, measure AI & data impact on business metrics, ensuring goal alignment.

Data Management & Modernization

Ensure precision, security, and efficiency in handling your valuable data assets.

Data Engineering

Build systems for seamless data collection, integration, robust pipelines, top tier data quality, and consistently optimized performance for efficiency.

Cloud ETL

Automate data processing, loading into warehouses. Our native approach ensures scalable, cost-effective, secure solutions, staying competitive.

Data Lake and Warehouse

Data Lake provides flexible cloud storage, paired with a data warehouse for unified insights, enabling clients in effective data management and analysis.

Data Mesh

Decentralize data management, empowering teams with autonomy, collaboration, and self-serve analytics. We apply data mesh principles to foster a culture of ownership.

Actionable Insights

Harness advanced techniques and tools to analyze intricate data, revealing concealed patterns, trends, and potential opportunities.

Real-Time Data Analytics

Deploy real-time analytics for quick response to changing conditions, supporting agile decision-making with generated data.

Data Visualization

Transform raw data, present in accessible visual formats for stakeholders to identify trends, empowering informed, data-driven decisions.

Business Intelligence

Use BI solutions for informed decision-making, gaining insights into performance, customer behavior, and market trends to optimize operations.

Predictive Modelling

Deploy Predictive Analytics, using data mining, machine learning to predict trends, empowering finance, healthcare, retail, and marketing decisions.

Decoding Data Modernization - Key Insights

Potential advantages of big data to organizations

Addressing unique hurdles in big data usage

Essential support system for leveraging big data effectively

Collaborating with dependable Partners to enhance big data initiatives.

Crafting a comprehensive strategy to maximize big data utilization.

Drive Meaningful Benefits with Data Modernization & Management

Unified Data Ecosystem

Create a centralized and lake-centric platform that facilitates connections and curation of data from any source, while eliminating data sprawl.

Advanced AI Models

Accelerate analysis by building AI models on a unified infrastructure without moving data, thereby reducing the time to achieve value.

Governed and Secure Data

Connect individuals and data responsibly through an open platform equipped with integrated security, governance, and compliance measures.

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Data Infrastructure Migration and Modernization
Enabling Data Driven Decision-making for a Leading Financial Enterprise
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