Intelligent Applications

Harness the power of Generative AI for Enterprises

Intelligent Application

Leverage the best of innovative technology, people and
delivery approaches to help you reimagine, build
and optimize your future.

Elevate your organization and stay ahead with Intelligent Applications that harness the power of Data and AI to learn, adapt, automate, and generate new ideas and outcomes. With TVS Next, you can deliver adaptive experiences, re-imagine processes, and make intelligent data-driven decisions in real time.

AI-driven applications elevate customer experiences and foster exceptional productivity

Empower your business to integrate AI seamlessly into every application, business process, and employee that transforms and redefines businesses beyond your expectations.

Embracing the Age of Intelligence

Transform across the enterprise

Personalize and recommend

Automate Operations

Fraud Detections

Connected Smart Products

Transform R&D

Information and Product Discovery

Build Copilots

Accelerate Software Delivery

Modernize and Build Intelligent Apps
with TVS Next

AI Strategy

Understand your Gen AI maturity level, taking into account operational efficiency, risk, and competitive advantage. TVS Next's comprehensive approach combines technology and business strategy, helping you derive meaningful business value from technology.

Data at Scale

Ensure low latency, always-on data access, and dynamic scalability to seamlessly adapt to changing demands. We'll help you effortlessly process and store diverse data types, so you can leverage any dataset.

Pretrained and Responsible AI

Elevate capabilities with customizable pre-trained models and responsible tooling that aligns with industry standards for seamless integration into existing systems or cloud environments.

Fine-tune Models for Your Business

Use generative AI and foundational models to achieve sophisticated prompt-tuning capabilities with less data.

Manage AI Lifecycle

With all the tools and runtimes in one location, you can expedite the entire AI model lifecycle and train, validate, tweak, and deploy AI models across on-premises and cloud platforms.


A Framework for Building Conversational AI

Creating Conversational AI applications necessitates a fusion of diverse technologies and components that form the foundation for adaptive learning, informed decision-making, and enhanced user experiences. TVS Next provides the key foundational elements for creating such applications:

Intent Identifier – Classifies user’s intention, enabling accurate response and task fulfillment.

Gen AI Context Generator – Collects and processes data for informed decision-making and improved user experiences.

Response Generator – Simulates human-like conversations for engaging user interactions.
NEXAA GPT Framework
NEXAA Copilot - customer copilot, operations copilot, people copilot

NexAA Copilot

Your Everyday AI Assistant for Professional and Personal Experiences
Whether you’re navigating the web, seeking information, unleashing creativity, or generating valuable content, NexAA helps you discover new possibilities and unlock the full potential of AI.

People Copilot: Enhances employee experience, aiding personal and professional growth.

Customer Copilot: Optimizes customer interactions, delivering personalized and efficient experiences.

Operations Copilot: Streamlines and enhances operational efficiency through intelligent automation.

What's in the Guide ?

paradigm shift from traditional to intelligent applications

How is AI reshaping business across industries?

Embracing the future: Key insights for businesses adopting AI

Transform with Intelligence: Building AI-powered applications

Implementing Copilot across your value chain

Why now and how TVS Next can help you?

generative AI, intelligent applications

Take Your Next Steps

Generative AI tools are widely accessible, but what sets organizations apart is their ability to adapt.
TVS Next’s AI Accelerator empowers businesses to make informed decisions as they integrate Gen AI into their business operations. Through sprints, teams effectively manage practical issues, mitigate risks in product decisions, and meet evolving market needs. Outlined below are our strategic approaches we meticulously undertake to elevate your business towards success.


Uncover untapped potential


Co-ideate your organization's future


Pilot your Intelligent Applications


Move seamlessly from pilot to production

Drive meaningful outcomes with Intelligent Apps

Elevate customer efficiency

40% decrease in customer support requests

Accelerate product delivery

Up to 1.5 months faster time-to-market for new apps

Amplify employee capabilities

Up to 25% increased developer efficiency

Enhance scalability and security

Up to 25% reduced app downtime

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