Application Modernization Enhances Care Delivery for a Major Hospital

Application Modernization Accelerates Growth of a Prominent Credit Union

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This premier hospital group is ranked among the top healthcare providers in the US, providing comprehensive care and wellness services for people of all ages. TVS Next partnered with them to modernize their application, enhance patient care, and accelerate their growth.


Provider Modernization, Hospital Digital Transformation, App Modernization, DevOps Implementation, Cloud Native Development, Microservices Implementation

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This hospital group admits thousands of patients monthly, and the application they used was an on-premise legacy system. Since it was a legacy system, the hospital struggled to find technical experts to extend features and maintain the platform. Maintenance and new feature additions proved to be very expensive and time-consuming.

Their platform couldn’t integrate with modern third-party apps from labs, medical devices, pharmacies, and national agencies, making their data disparate. This meant that the staff had to do extra paperwork every time and their satisfaction levels plummeted.

The hospital’s system was very slow, which caused slow onboarding, long wait times, frequent cancellations, and low patient satisfaction. The outdated system also made it difficult to comply with HIPAA, HL7, and ever-changing healthcare regulations.

The hospital group decided to go with TVS Next to enable healthcare application modernization and deliver a future-ready hospital management system.


The TVS Next team put together a cross-functional team of experts and conducted Accelerated Discovery Workshops with the hospital group’s executives. We analyzed the legacy infrastructure, identified the stakeholders’ pain points, and understood the healthcare group’s vision. We developed a comprehensive healthcare application modernization roadmap encompassing end-of-life management, integration, migration, modernization, and automation.

Transformation Journey

Our team ensured business continuity by providing end-of-life management for the existing legacy system and parallelly modernized the integrations with third-party applications. We then began application modernization and adopted a microservices-based architecture for different modules within the application. We implemented microservices using DevOps practices to maintain data sanity and scale quickly.

We eliminated stakeholders’ pain points by building new features like patient flow monitoring to help hospital staff plan better, predictive and diagnostic analytics to help care providers, and quick appointment booking and facial recognition for a smooth patient experience.

We unified what used to be different applications into a single platform that gave 360-degree visibility to the users. We implemented parallel processing of ETL jobs to accelerate operations. Our agility, futuristic view, and experience working with similar organizations boosted us to complete the modernization rapidly.
Business Outcomes

TVS Next completely modernized and transformed the healthcare group’s applications, helped them automate and streamline their processes, and enabled them to achieve industry standards.

75% Better

Operational efficiency due to de-fragmentation

Enhanced Experiences

Modernized system improved patient satisfaction

100% Availability

Increase in availability of tech experts

Total Transparency

Through regular auditing and monitoring

Fully Eliminated

Expensive maintenance of legacy systems

Complete Adherence

To HIPAA, HL7, and other industry standards

Increased Agility

Faster release cycles due to modernization

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