User Research Methods Within Constraints


Sowmya Pasuparthy

Business Analyst - Experiences

User Research is done to inspire your design, evaluate your solutions, and measure the impact of your product/project. When working with limited resources, conducting user research can seem daunting. While it’s true that having more resources at your disposal makes the task easier, there are still plenty of ways to effectively do user research, even while working within constraints. In this blog, we will take you through some essential user research methods to do effective research without breaking the bank or feeling overwhelmed.

Dive in to find out what steps you can take today to gather meaningful user insights despite restrictions.

How to do User Research with Budget Constraints

Research can be established with a minimal budget using these innovative user research methods.

user research methods

How to do User Research with Time Constraints

Using a framework for optimizing engagement and data

Time is always a constraint for many companies. Several frameworks are available online, depending on the outcome they want to achieve. A framework also allows us to prioritize our teams’ research efforts better.

Using impactful users

Choosing the right users for the research is essential. Every user has a different perspective based on his experiences and exposure. For example, if your research is about building a new experience for drivers, you need to ensure your users know how to drive. Otherwise, you will not get meaningful results. Sometimes we need users with domain experience or expertise.

Prior documentation

Documentation is often not given the importance it deserves. We need to make sure we capture the different stages of the research and design so that everyone can understand why certain design decisions were made and why.

customer research with tome constraints


There will always be constraints that we will have to work in. Keep refining your process, starting with these tips, until it works for you and your team. We will need to get creative with our ways to accomplish user research!


Sowmya Pasuparthy

Business Analyst - Experiences

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