Global Health Leader: Rapid Digital Transformation to Capture Untapped Market

Global Health Leader: Rapid Digital Transformation to Capture Untapped Markets

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This global healthcare provider offers services and products to assist people of all ages in leading healthy lives. They wanted to expand into newer markets and increase their footprint. TVS Next partnered with them to successfully transform their digital capabilities, improve user experience and increase health plan adoption.


Digital Experience, Product Design and Development, Consulting



The healthcare provider’s brand is well-established, but there was no right channel for the customers to utilize their services. The existing application was slow, unresponsive, and not user-friendly. Customers frequently abandoned transactions midway due to unpleasant experiences.

The client’s talented marketing team put together excellent materials about their products and services. But the poor integration between departments and digital channels meant that this knowledge was not reaching the customers.

Although their services were top-notch, their health plan adoption rates were meagre. This low rate was because they lacked the innovative features and functionalities provided by their competitors. Their application limited their ability to enter new markets or capture their desired market share.

The healthcare provider wanted to rapidly transform their capabilities and capture untapped market. Due to our proven expertise in accelerating digital transformation in the healthcare industry, they chose TVS Next as their partner.

The Design-Led Approach

Our team conducted accelerated discovery workshops with the healthcare provider’s C-Suite to understand their problem. We used design thinking to frame the problem statement and conducted extensive user interviews and process & UX audits.

Once we identified their key business KPIs, we defined the personas of their customers, partners, and payers. After extensive research, we determined the factors to create an authentic care platform as they desired.

Transformation Journey

After fixing the product and design goals, our team started building an MVP. We crafted human centered design prototypes and performed A/B testing. Our team built and tested the entire platform service by service using an agile product-building approach.

We performed an Alpha release for tele-consulting and membership plan modules and monitored the performance. We then incorporated the learnings from the Alpha release to optimize the product for the beta launch.

Our team aggregated their commerce, content, and patient management platforms via APIs into the unified omnichannel platform. Once the healthcare provider felt satisfied with the engagement and experience of the Beta version, we proceeded to launch the product to the entire market.
Business Outcomes
The healthcare provider started seeing results immediately after the product was released. They can reach their users in their homes, and the users love the seamless experience of anywhere-anytime health consult. Through elevated omnichannel digital experience, the healthcare provider was able to increase product adoption, engagement, trust, and brand value.


Subscribers per month


Increase in follow-up appointments


Acquisition of users accepted to maintain digital health


Increase in adoption of members within the plan


Increase in digital appointments

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