How A Leading FinTech
Company Transformed
Its Testing Process

About The Client

This New York-based Fintech company is a leading provider of custom capital solutions to small businesses, offering innovative and efficient financing options.

The Problem

The client was looking to speed up their software delivery process while ensuring the quality of their products. However, they were facing significant delays due to manual regression testing.

To overcome this challenge and improve their release cycle, they decided to partner with TVS Next. With our help, they were able to revolutionize their testing capabilities and boost their productivity.

The Challenges

Performing regression testing manually had become the primary obstacle in the release process. It was not only extremely time-consuming, taking more than a week to complete even with a dedicated team of 5 manual testers, but it also carried a significant risk of human error, which could compromise the overall reliability of releases.

This comprehensive and meticulous process called for a more efficient and dependable solution to ensure smoother and error-free deployments.


Quality Engineering

Accelerated Testing


Playwright with JavaScript Azure DevOps

K6, Docker

New relic

The Approach

TVS Next’s innovative and forward-thinking approach was key to being chosen, as we suggested the use of a Playwright-JavaScript-based automation framework, which offers numerous benefits compared to conventional Selenium-based approaches.

This framework provides stability and improves scalability and maintainability, laying a solid foundation for future growth and success. With our expertise and advanced solutions, they were able to confidently navigate the ever-changing technology landscape.

The Result

The Fintech company revolutionized its testing process by adopting the advanced Playwright framework. What was a week-long, laborious ordeal has now become a streamlined task that takes only a few hours.

This significant improvement has drastically reduced cycle times and costs while eliminating the risks associated with human errors. By leveraging Playwright, the company has gained a competitive edge in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of its software testing procedures.

Key Outcomes


Achieved 85% reduction in regression
testing time, from 2 weeks to 3 days.


Ensured 100% product reliability with no
regression defects leaking into production.


Enhanced regression test coverage by 40%, reducing the risk of defects reaching production.

Instant Test Reports

The integration of Azure DevOps enabled
real-time access to test reports, adding transparency and immediacy to
the process.

Positive Stakeholder Feedback

The client’s team and stakeholders
responded positively to the swift
completion of test cycles.

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